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PO Box 505 Hurstville BC NSW 1481
Hurstville 2220
Tel 0412 477 526
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Manual Handling

Summit Health & Fitness recognises that manual handling injuries are preventable. Our training offers a practical guide for employers, workers and self-employed people to help prevent manual handling injuries in the workplace by implementing risk management procedures.


Michael Russo is an Accredited Exercise Physiologist who graduated with his Masters in Exercise & Sport Science from the University of Sydney. Michael has 10 years experience and has implemented manual handling strategies for a range of settings, which include office, warehouse, manufacturing & community.


Summit Health & Fitness ensures that workers become aware of safety issues and perform their jobs competently, consistently and safely. Training is essential to develop a safer workplace and our aim is to help manage the risk associated with manual handling, which will help you:

  • Identify tasks that involve manual handling activities
  • Identify the manual handling risks in those activities
  • Assess how dangerous the risks are
  • Eliminate or control those risks.


  • 1. Common injuries in the workplace
  • 2. What is low back pain?
  • 3. Identifying potential risk
  • 4. Injury prevention
  • 5. Getting fit for work
  • 6. Manual handling demonstration

Summit Health & Fitness delivers on-site training to individuals or groups, alternatively our manual handling training can be incorporated into staff orientation procedures.


To organise manual handling training or obtain further information please e-mail mrusso@summitfitness.com.au