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PO Box 505 Hurstville BC NSW 1481
Hurstville 2220
Tel 0412 477 526
Fax (02) 9585 2144

Move with Women

FREE 9-Week Group Exercise Classes For Women

Summit Health & Fitness is extremley proud to be seleted as a local provider of this initiative.

Move with Women is designed to help you enjoy a more active and healthy life in just 60 minutes per week - regardless of your fitness level.

Connect with women of all ages, stages and backgrounds in a fun and non-judgemental environment while enjoying the benefits of exercise! Focus on all the important areas that make us 'healthy' including moving our bodies, eating well, relaxation and connecting with others.

Feel strong, connected and energised in a fun and welcoming environment

  • Designed for women by women
  • Classes are once weekly for 9 weeks
  • Delivered by qualified Exercise Physiologists
  • Suitable for all ages and fitness levels
  • Fun and engaging
  • Absolutely free
  • Limited places

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We'd like to give all women the opportunity to feel they can prioritise their health & wellbeing. That's why we've included it all - a range of cardio, resistance and restorative exercises, mindfulness practices and social activities!

There has never been a better time to kick start your health & wellbeing goals!

Supported by Diabetes NSW

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Call 1800 328 951 for more information


Summit Health & Fitness

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Mortdale NSW 2223



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