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PO Box 505 Hurstville BC NSW 1481
Hurstville 2220
Tel 0412 477 526
Fax (02) 9585 2144

Outdoor Exercise

Outdoor Exercise offers a social and cost effective opportunity to participate in a supervised group exercise program. Each session is 60 minutes in duration and consists of a range of different activities that utilise the available park facilities.

Outdoor exercise is appropriate for a range of participants that have varying health and fitness abilities and the Fitness Leader will offer different options and encourage participants to exercise at a comfortable intensity.


  • Assist with weight management
  • Improve your cardiovascular fitness
  • Improve your strength & balance
  • Reduce joint & muscle stiffness
  • Reduce your stress levels
  • Social interaction with other group members

Outdoor Exercise Oatley Park.jpg

What if I have joint or muscle pain?

Outdoor Exercise is conducted by qualified fitness instructors who will ensure that the activities are safe and effective. Some exercises may not be suitable & participants will be instructed to complete an alternative.

Outdoor Exercise is NOT a clinical rehabilitation program for acute conditions. If you have any acute joint and muscle pain or limitations, please discuss with your GP to gain medical clearance.

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Group Details


Old’s Park, Forest Road

Penshurst NSW 2222

Day & Time

Tuesdays: 5.30 – 6.30pm


$5 per session

Parking available within the park grounds near the library.


Participants can register for the program by contacting Michael Russo:

Mb: 0412 477 526 or